Turkuaz is a vibrant entertainment company with the objective to run and manage high quality events and showcase world class talents across Australia’s greatest venues.

Turkuaz is different. It promises to deliver a top end events with rotating talented local acts, DJs, professional dancers, pyrotechnics, state of the art audio and lighting, VIP experience, and high profile international pop acts live on stage! And it has not disappointed!

The rotating local talent currently consists of;

DJ Tansu - DJ Fırat - DJ Serkan - Naciye Keren - Furkan Turkoz - Dudi Tasbası - Volga Tunca - Cem Yücel - Tugra - Turkuaz Trio - Desert Rose - Grup Mozaiq - Grup Rakkas - Collective Libe - 5ft2 - Cobra's Kiss - Huddy - DJ Ilker Aydın - DJ Yusuf Çelik - Ozan Çobanoğlu - Oyunbozan - Reha Aytaç

International special guests that have taken stage at TURKUAZ include;

Mirkelam - Berkay - Zeynep Dizdar - DJ Murat Uyar - Gökhan Tepe - Buray - Berksan - Gripin - Burcu Günes - Gökhan Keser - Sıla - Kenan Dogulu - Halil Sezai - Haluk Levent - Beyaz Show - Kubat - Simge - Murat Dalkılıç - Koray Avcı - Emre Aydın - Gökhan Özen - Mustafa Sandal - Fatih Ürek - Kibariye - Fire of Anatolia - İlyas Yalçıntaş - Manga - Eypio - Burak Yeter - İNNA - Zara -Yılmaz Morgül - Muazzez Ersoy - Yonca Evcimik - Çelik - DJ Hakan Küfündür - Hakan Altun

The best in local acts supported by superstar names from Turkey and beyond, Turkish music, European sounds, today tunes with nothing but the best of the yesteryears, that’s what Turkuaz is about.

Turkuaz will continue to deliver an excitingly contemporary perspective on what Turkish nights have to offer in Australia. Our point of difference will be in presenting the most talented and popular artists from abroad, in conjunction with high-end entertainment value that can be enjoyed either as a general or VIP patron.

You have asked for it, you have waited for it, and now it has arrived. Welcome to the exciting world of TURKUAZ!